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Potty Scrawl Poetry

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  2005.05.14  11.24

what the material world values does not shine the same in the truth of the soul.

i saw those words once sketched onto a bathroom stall in Toronto, Canada.
grabbing a pen from my purse i scribbled them down and stuffed them away..
to survey later, and see what they came from--if from anything.

and so started my love affair with the poetry of "Rumi".
it's a snippet of a poem entitled "not intrigued with evening"...

just thought i'd share that. :)


  2005.04.28  13.10
Bathroom Graffiti

Hi everyone,

My name is Erin and I am a fellow fan of graffiti and especially bathroom art. I've recently put together a site called Stall Art. I hope that this site will become a huge online gallery of various art found in bathrooms.

What the site needs now is contributions.

I built the site to work best for images sent from camera phones (basically because I really like the idea of someone whipping out their phone while they're on the crapper to take a pic for the site. Regular digital camera pics will work too, just attach 'em to an email. All you gotta do is send the picture of poetry/scribbles/drawings/phone numbers to:

Your pic will instantly be added to the site and you can check out your contribution to the wall here.

I really hope that you all would be interested in it, I'd love to see some bathroom art outside of Boston.

Thanks for your time! If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

And remember, wash your hands.


  2004.09.24  17.24
Madison, WI

Madtown Bathroom


  2004.07.22  16.46

found by bluescreen, in an indiana truckstop bathroom, may 2004.

indiana loves graffiti